Honolulu Nails & Aesthetics Academy sets forth specific standards for promoting a positive learning environment and career success pathway. Developing efficient work habits, a positive attitude, and definite goals during training can only enhance your ability to build confidence in the skills required.


This is an industry of appearance and image. Represent yourself professionally.
The following is the guideline for the student’s dress code for video presentations:

  1. No shorts/skirts above the knee or sweats of any kind.
  2. One school uniform is provided with your kit. A clean uniform must be worn in all video presentations.
  3. Videos will not be accepted if the student is not in uniform. (Extra uniforms may be purchased for $15.00).


  1. Students are required to give an introduction when making your video presentations:
                A. Say your first and last name clearly
                B. Say what service or procedure you will be performing
  2. No gum chewing.
  3. Courtesy must be shown to models at all times.
  4. Swearing, offensive, crude, the street language will not be allowed during video presentations.
  5. It is a school requirement that all instructors and staff members be referred to as Mr. or Ms. followed by their name.


  1. All laws and sanitation rules of the Hawaii State Board of Cosmetology and Department of Health will be followed.
  2. An instructor on the immediate premises does not physically supervise a student in a Honolulu Nails & Aesthetics Academy (HNA) online program; therefore, HNA is not to be held liable or responsible for any damage or injury, physical or otherwise, resulting from the improper or incorrect use of the products, implements, or materials that are provided to the student enrolled in any HNA online program.
  3. Goggles are recommended when handling any chemicals.
  4. A mask is recommended while working.


  1. Instructors may be changed without prior notice.
  2. Students must submit the assignments as they are completed. PLEASE do not submit multiple videos at once. This will lead to a delay in approval.  
  3. Honolulu Nails & Aesthetics Academy and student body pledge to abide by the laws and rules that govern the cosmetology profession (Chapter 16-78, Chapter 439, and Chapter 436B).


All practical assignments must be completed in three (3) months from the student’s start date.


In consideration of being given access to information pertaining to the Nail Technology course and all the handouts given by Honolulu Nail Academy; I agree to the statements as follows:

  1. Will not make reproduction copies of any handouts that have been issued to me or by any other means where I have possession of. Including and not limited to hardcopy, digital, emails, etc.
  2. Will not video or audio record, and share to someone any aspect of curriculum or class content.

I have carefully read and considered all clauses of this Agreement and agree. The term of this Agreement is indefinite. I have received a copy of this Agreement assigned by me.

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