Eyelash Extension Certification course

You’ll receive

  • 24 hours of access to our original eyelash training video.
  • Upload your work (assignment) to your account and receive feedback from our instructor. 
  • A take-home theory binder, including tips and tricks.
  • Starter kit (4 trays of 0.15 lashes, mannequin, 2 tweezers, lash adhesive, micro-foam tape, glue rings, micro-swabs, primer, lash sealant, and mascara wands)
  • Theory (47 pages Hand-out)
  • Attendees may be required to bring at least two (2) models and may be expected to receive and perform this technique. 


Practical/Client experience : Follow the procedure below through each of the sections.

Step 1. Watch

- Watch the HNA instructional video lesson.

Step 2. Recode

– Record a video of yourself completing the assignment.

Step 3. Upload

– Upload your video to your account.
– Send notification to your instructor by e-mail.

Step 4. Review

– The instructor will review your video and leave feedback.

Step 5. Approved!

– After the instructor approves your work, you’ll receive the credit hours and can move on the next assignment.

When completing all your assignments, you’ll receive a Certificate.

Upload your assignment below two times each (10 videos)

*Assignment 1 (Video 1): Isolation

*Assignment 2 (Video 2): Apply to lash with the mannequin

*Assignment 3 (Video 3-1): Apply lash with a model 

*Assignment 3 (Video 3-2): Apply lash with a model

*Assignment 4 (Video 4): Removal & Lash bath

*Assignment 4 (Video 5): Fills

One assignment will be about 15-20 min progress video and result.

Eyelash extension Certificate